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logoEnviropower, Ltd.

Enviropower provides consulting and financial services for the implementation of projects, starting with the identification of opportunities, overall evaluation, implementation and funding, continuing and long-term operation of the project, and ending with the sale of the project.

logoPower Engineering, Ltd.

Power Engineering is an engineering company providing services and consultancy in the renewable energy sector in the Central Europe region. The owner of the company has long-term experience in consultancy and project development especially in the energy sector.

logoNEBO, Ltd.

NEBO is a real estate company.

logoEnviron, Ltd.

Environ is a real estate company.

logoMonsea, Ltd.

Monsea imports high quality pharmaceutical and medicine products to the Slovak market. A high level of professionalism is ensured through close communication with professionals in clinics and pharmacies.

logoIstrex Oil, Ltd.

Istrex Oil delivers oils for tribological services to industrial parks in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.